A creative idea I had that came to fruition. I made this profile of Rosanne Balasabas on what yoga means to her and how it's helped her get through the toughest times of her life. Yogi: Rosanne Balasabas Music : V. for Visconti by Angele David-Guillou

A behind the scenes promo video of a photoshoot in Venice Beach California for Kirsten Moore Creative. The video is filmed by Grant Massaroni @Grantmaz and edited by Grant and Kirsten.
Stop motion video of a sunset photoshoot at Venice Beach, California. The video is made from the pictures. The photos and video created by Kirsten Moore @kirstenmoorecreative Model is Ashlyn Showwalter @theashlynshow

This is a feedback interview that I shot with Lindsay Stroh that I shot and edited for an international yoga school and retreat company called Yogakoh in Bali, Indonesia over a months period in August and September 2018